SnowDay For Everyone!!!!


About 5 Inches at 8:00 am

Today we all had a snowday.  We heard that BPS was canceled at about 7:30 last night.  I got up this morning and loooked out the window. It didn’t look too bad and I had no texts or e-mails saying to stay home.  I got up, got dressed and headed off to work.  When I got to the building security told me everyone was supposed to stay home today.  I turned right around and trudged back home in the snow.  Snow day for all.


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I live and work in downtown Boston.
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1 Response to SnowDay For Everyone!!!!

  1. Jonny Industry says:

    I hope you and the kids had a fun time in the snow! Too bad you had to go all the way into work only to turn right around. But, at least you had a good excuse to stop by Starbucks.

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