Pirate Party

Well the Pirate Party went excellent. Before I get to the party here is the rest of the preparations. The Treasure Chest had to be filled. We filled ours with little Treasure Chests.

A Little Treasure Chest Filled With Pirate Booty

So you put 24 of these together and place them in the big Treasure Chest.

Look at the Treasure

Add some more decorations and you have the perfect Pirate Party Treasure Chest.

The Chest is Ready

Next we move on to sharks and water for plank walking.   I cut out a couple of shark fins from grey felt.

Felt For Fins

Sew the felt fin along the front and back edges leaving the bottom open.

Sewing the Fin

Turn the felt fin inside out.  I use the eraser end of a pencil to turn the point of the fin fully out.

Turning Fin Inside Out

Next stuff the fin with fiber fill until it looks like a menacing shark fin.

Stuff the Fin

Take your shark fin an stitch it to a piece of blue cloth.

Oh No Shark in the Water

I figured three sharks would suffice for four to seven year olds.

Three Sharks in the Water

That is about it for preparation.  We also have quicksand to cross (gold fabric with rocks painted on it), a plank to walk, balloon swords and cannonballs (black balloons) for the cannonball races.  All that is left is to set up and await the guests.

The Room is Set

One of the guest’s mother made us a cardboard Pirate Ship for even more pirate adventure.

The Admiral and his Parrot

There Were Sword Fights

Plank Walking

More Sword Fighting

Cannonball Races

Quicksand Crossing

Still More Sword Fights

All and all it was a great party.  Everyone seemed to have a good time and I spent quite a bit of time sword fighting with little pirates.  They brandish a mean balloon sword.


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3 Responses to Pirate Party

  1. Caleb Wiggins says:

    Great photos! You forgot the Pirate’s Booty Popcorn in the Treasure Chest 🙂

  2. Marsha (Wiggins) Helmstadter says:

    Hi Patrick, Caleb gave me your blog address. I’ve really enjoyed the photos and commentary! Keep up the great work! Marsha

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