Pirate Party Preparation

After much discussion, we decided to have a Pirate Party for my little ones 6th birthday.  Apparently her she has to invite her whole class or no one from her class, according to her teacher.  So, now we are expecting 23 children (ages 2 to 7) and 15 or so parents.  This is our first real kid party so we may have gone a bit overboard.  I decided to make a sail for the table and to create a wonderful Treasure Chest.

Let me start with the sail.  I grabbed a piece of plywood as a base.


I used 1 in. plywood

First you need to find the center of the plywood.  I used a long level to find the center.

Mark the center of the base

Once you find the center you mark the base to attach the mast.  I used a 2×2 board about six feet tall as a mast.  I attached the mast to the base with a couple of wood screws.

Holes are drilled

After we tighten down the screws, we start drilling holes for the booms.  I decided to use a couple of 9/16th dowels for booms.  The top one is 42 inches and the bottom one is 48 inches,

Sailing Sailing Over the Bounty Main

Next was the Treasure Chest.   I started with a plain black chest.

Your Basic Chest

I painted a skull and cross bones on top and added lots of gold.

The Treasure Chest looks ready

Line the inside with gold and add a random skeleton.

All it Needs is Treasure

Next I get to learn to make balloon swords and shark fins.

It’s all awesome!


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