Frankenstorm Apocalypse Part II

High tide was supposed to be around noon, so we headed back out towards the waterfront at 11:45.  The wind had really picked up and so had the rain. We were rewarded by flooding all along the Harborwalk and three and four foot waves in the Harbor.  First we went back to the playground at Langone Park.  The area we photographed earlier.

It is underwater now

From a Different Angle

The entire walkway was underwater.  It looked like there was a couple of feet of water.

Boston’s Harborwalk

Looks Like you Could Water Ski Across This

Waves Crashing and Sea Spray in the North End?  This is forty feet from the Bocce Court.  I have never seen the water in the Harbor this high.

I Think I Just Saw a Fish Swim by

From here we headed past the Coast Guard Station to Battery Wharf.  There wasn’t any flooding but they were piling sandbags around the buildings.   Sargents Wharf was our next stop.  It looked like three foot swells between Rowes Wharf and Sargents Wharf.

Sargents Wharf From Commercial Street

Look at Those Waves

Dad, Never Mind Them, Look at These Waves

As we walked further out onto the wharf we saw the walkway was submerged and impassable.

Only Six Inches of Water Here

The Boats at Boston Yacht Haven

We saw our first “Closed due to Sandy” sign on The Sail Loft.

Some Places Closed for the Storm

From her we were off to Columbus Park.  The water hadn’t flooded over the wall there, but the wind was really howling.

We’re Going to Fly Away Daddy

The waves were going under the walkway and into the parking lot behind the Chart House on Long Wharf.  the entire walkway around the end of the wharf was under water.

Water Water Everywhere

There is Three Feet of Water Here

How Much Closer Does the Water Get?

Well, it is raining harder and the wind is picking up so we start back.  We couldn’t get by the walkway but the boardwalk was high enough.  One of the funniest things we came across was a gangway from a boat leading into the water.

Are You Sure That’s the Dock?

The front of the Chart House looked even worse than the back.

Hey Are You Open for Lunch Today?

The rain and wind are going to get progressively for the rest of the afternoon and through the evening.  We are heading home to bake a chicken and watch the rest of the storm through the windows.


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